SML Hearing Center

SML Hearing Center

1100 Celebration Ave. #210

Moneta, VA 24121

Come See our Service Center in Bedford, VA

Open 1st & 3rd Monday of each month.

1029K Turnpike Rd.

Bedford, VA 24523

Phone Number: 540-583-5355

(Oak Tree Business Center)
(We are up from the YMCA)

Smith Mountain Lake Hearing center is a locally owned, full service hearing aid center that is dedicated to bringing the community the latest in hearing technology so that you and your loved ones can hear the world around you. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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Hearing Loss and You

It is estimated that 31.5 million Americans suffer from hearing loss; that is about 10% of the population! Hearing loss effects all age groups. In fact, 65% for all people suffering from hearing loss are younger than 65 years of age. Hearing loss may affect your outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear. A full diagnostic hearing exam conducted by your hearing aid specialist and audiologist will pinpoint the location of you or your loved ones hearing loss. It is important to treat the hearing loss as soon as it is detected. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to loss of income, depression, anxiety, social phobias, and even dementia. The longer people wait to treat the hearing loss, the longer it may take for the brain to understand sound again.



 proudly carries

ReSound , Signia and PHONAK Products


Top 36 Reviews about ReSound Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids - You Hear


     SML Hearing Center offers the latest technology hearing aids and wireless accessories

Top 36 Reviews about ReSound Hearing Aids Quattro and ReSound ONE

GN Hearing introduces ReSound LiNX Quattro - Press ...

Hearing Aids are sophisticated, discreet and durable devices which give you exceptional sound quality and speech understanding through advanced noise cancellation technology so that you may engage effortlessly with family, friends, and colleagues in any listening situation.Unite accessories Line up 2nd generation White backgroundWireless Accessories Mini Microphone, Phone Clip, TV Streamer 2 and the Remote Control 2


Styletto X and Silk X



 Styletto X Key features

Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell

24 hours continuous use with unlimited streaming

Contactless, inductive charging

Unique OneShell design

                                                                       Silk X

                    So small it’s almost invisible in the ear



Phonak Paradise

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  1. It is a pleasure to work with you!
    Thank you for allowing SML Hearing Center to help you with your hearing.

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